Partner Coordination & Support

The Partner Coordination and Support page presents summarized and integrated information to support adaptive management and inform decision-making by the Management Board, Principals' Staff Committee, and other managers and partners. 



The Chesapeake Bay Program's Bay and Basin Monitoring Program began in 1984 with the first full year of monitoring results completed in 1985. The program:
  • Collects samples on the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of tidal and nontidal waters;
  • Supports sample analyses that must meet USEPA quality assurance and quality control standards;
  • Manages the data in a publicly accessible Chesapeake Information Management System's Bay Resource Library;
  • Includes data analysis, synthesis and reporting;
  • Strives to tailor communications of results to a variety of audiences; and
  • Provides a consistent, reliable long term data set supporting Chesapeake Bay and Basin Water Quality model calibration and verification.

The monitoring layers in the map below are organized into tidal, nontidal, land cover, and bay grasses groupings.