Important work is being conducted by the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership to maintain healthy watersheds by identifying, promoting, supporting, and tracking the implementation of sustainable land use practices that protect natural resource values, including water quality, from the threat of urban/suburban development and prevent increased pollutant loadings in watersheds that are most vulnerable to the threat of urban/suburban development.  Additional information on these efforts will be included over time.

State-identified Healthy Waters and Watersheds

States have identified healthy waters and watersheds for protection. Click on the radio buttons for each individual state to learn more and view healthy watersheds layers for each state.



Through the Maryland Department of Natural Resources GreenPrint update, several key watershed-based conservation priorities have been identified based on monitored and modeled measures of health. In addition, the Maryland Department of the Environment has designated certain stream segments and their drainages for regulatory protection based on various measures of stream health and condition.

Maryland Healthy Watershed Definition: Tidal and non-tidal watersheds including those under regulatory anti-degradation protection and those with functioning habitats that support productive, diverse or unique populations of aquatic animals and plants that, collectively, provide the ecological services needed to protect downstream water resources.

(Source: Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Maryland Department of the Environment)